for orchestra


10 minutes

Orchestra: picc,2222 4231 timp 2perc harp strings


Premiere: Arizona State University Symphony
Tempe, AZ, 1983
Eugene Lombardi, Conductor

Phoenix Symphony
April 30, 1986
Franco Collura, Conductor

[Withdrawn, replaced by The Night Sea]

Composer Notes: I loved individual passages in this work, but I less satisfied with its dramatic shape and flow. My misgivings increased as I gained experience composing operas and using multiple sketches to shape and reshape structures.

In subsequent years I occasionally sketched possible ways to rework the structure and textures of this work. In 2013 I pulled together the original score and my interim sketches, thought of all of them as rough drafts, and used the ones I liked best to create a new work. This long development process resulted in The Night Sea.