for solo flute


c. 10 minutes

[Withdrawn. Not available for performance]

Composer Notes: I composed this lyrical, atonal work to accompany an improvisational dance piece for four dancers. The duration of the dance was determined by interactions between the dancers while they performed, which meant that the duration of the dance varied substantially.

To create music that could vary in length, I notated the music in five separate boxes. These boxed sections could be repeated using options shown on the score by arrows. Three of the sections used proportional notation, and each of these sections included some boxed pitch sets that could be used for improvisation. All five sections were composed so as to sound non-metric to a listener. The music and the dance occupied the same performance space, but functioned independently.

By the 1980s my musical interests had become consistently tonal and kinetic, and I withdrew this experimental work along with a few others I had composed in the 1970s.