Beautiful Princess Available for Rescue

A Fantasy Opera in Two Acts

2003, rev. 2019

“approachable by neophytes and interesting to more knowledgeable listeners....lusciously beautiful.”—Phoenix Gazette
“charmingly accessible and up-to-date”—Las Cruces Sun-News
“social standards are toppled and timely issues are handled with absurd, common-sensical humor”—Arizona Republic

Duration: 125 minutes

Vocal score available for purchase at Subito Music Distribution. Performance materials available for rental through Subito Music Rental Library.

Librettist: Randall Shinn

Cast: 4 sop, ten, 3 bar
Orchestra:,, 1 perc, strings

Premiere: Doña Ana Lyric Opera, New Mexico State University, 2004


Composer Notes: A vain princess is held captive by Bullstrode, a battle-scarred warrior who kills anyone who tries to rescue her. A headstrong young witch (who is Bullstrode's ward) tries to convince a newly-arrived prince to leave, but he feels honor-bound to try to rescue the princess.

Beautiful Princess Available for Rescue pairs fairy-tale imagery with contemporary language. The tragicomic story ends happily for most characters, but the conflict between two of them proves deadly. The opera’s expressive tone ranges from anguished to comic.