for percussion ensemble


10 minutes

Premiere: University of Illinois, April 10, 1974
University of Illinois Percussion Ensemble
Randall Shinn, conductor
Colleen Mulvill, choreographer
Michelle Girardin, Debra Loewen, Bonnie Schmidt, dancers

[Withdrawn. Not available for performance]

Composer notes: I enjoyed composing this piece. I admired the work of the choreographer and the three dancers. And Tom Siwe, director of the University of Illinois percussion ensemble, invited me to write a work for 10 percussionists and a stage full of instruments.

For this work I created an active stasis by composing layers of differently subdivided rhythms that created busy textures, and which also obscured the sense of pulse. This resulted in an atmosphere that suited Colleen’s dance choreography well.

Unfortunately, later, listening to a recording of the work (and judging it solely as music), I missed hearing more sense of pulse and kinetic energy. After that I increasingly gravitated toward kinetic rhythms.