for flute, clarinet, cello, and piano


10 minutes

Premiere: Colorado College
Steve Yarbrough, flute, Lewis Wyatt, clarinet, Marlin Owen, cello, Janet Arnold, piano
Teru Osato, choreography
Riki Matthews, John Munger, Teru Osato, dancers


Composer Notes: While living in Colorado Springs, I saw Teru Osato, a dance student of Hanya Holms, perform a solo at Colorado College. I was deeply moved by her dancing and choreography, and I composed this music for her to choreograph.

In this work I explored some rhythmic and pitch concepts that failed to hold my long-term interest, and I later withdrew it. After my personal stylistic preferences began emerging more clearly in the late 1970s, I withdrew a number of early works that no longer felt “like me.”