Beautiful Princess Available for Rescue

A Fantasy Opera in Two Acts

2003, rev. 2013

“approachable by neophytes and interesting to more knowledgeable listeners....lusciously beautiful.”—Phoenix Gazette
“charmingly accessible and up-to-date”—Las Cruces Sun-News
“social standards are toppled and timely issues are handled with absurd, common-sensical humor”—Arizona Republic

Duration: 120 minutes

Vocal score available for purchase at Subito Music Distribution. Performance materials available for rental through Subito Music Rental Library.

Librettist: Randall Shinn

Cast: 4 sop, ten, 3 bar
Orchestra:,, 1 perc, strings

Premiere: Doña Ana Lyric Opera, New Mexico State University, 2004


Composer Notes: Beautiful Princess Available for Rescue takes place in a fantasy world that pairs fairy-tale imagery with contemporary language. The tragicomic story ends happily for most characters, but the life-and-death conflict between two of the characters proves fatal to one of them. During the course of the opera its expressive tone ranges from despair to laugh-out-loud humor.

(This opera is an expansion of my earlier opera Wilbur!.)