A Vibrant World

By nature I love life, so I find it difficult to imagine choosing an existence devoid of earthly beauty, pleasure, play, dancing, and the world of the imagination. My aesthetic decisions favor a vibrant, colorful world, and I’ve rejected the advice of those who favor a somber, gray world and a world of limited imagination.

The_Garden_of_the_Hesperides350In that spirit I have explored theatrical illusions and imaginative borderlands, and embraced my desire to enchant audiences. I’ve ignored warnings about the danger of keeping company with shape-shifting actors and fantastic fabulations such as witches, demonic killers, and pleasure-hungry Sirens and Muses.

Personally, I find them fascinating company, although I’ll admit that Muses can be endlessly demanding. They assume I am there to serve them, and they constantly urge me to create something new and captivating to engage them. And they are imperiously hard to please.